NIS Pensioners can deposit pensions to banks and credit unions

NIS pensioners can have their pensions deposited to their bank and credit union accounts.

Your pension can be issued for a four-week period instead of the two-week intervals to which you are accustomed.

Please ensure that you complete the NIS Direct Deposit form with the correct bank or credit union account information. The form can be collected from the customer service desk at the Frank Walcott Building, Culloden Road or downloaded from our website.

In order to ensure that we capture your bank or credit union accounts accurately, we request that you attach the header from the bank or credit union statement to the completed direct deposit form. The part of the statements which has the financial details of your account is NOT required. The NIS Direct Deposit Form bearing your account number and the official stamp of your bank or credit union will also be accepted.

If you have any queries about being paid by direct deposit, please call our contact centre at 467-4647 or email us at You can also visit us at for further details.

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